Top 2 benefits of surge protectors in 2022

When the wiring in your house or workplace experiences sudden bursts of high electrical voltage, power surges happen. They could be minor or severe, but they’re never harmless.

A power surge can damage the internal batteries or circuit boards of electronics that are plugged into an outlet, making them useless.

Lightning, faulty wiring, electrical overload, and high-power electrical devices are common causes of power surges. They’re defined as an increase in the voltage flowing through electrical units that rise above the standard voltage levels. 

One way to protect both your electronics and appliances from power surges is with a surge protector. The device can also: 

•    Prevent the need for expensive repairs 

•    Extend the life of your appliances and electronics

At Eddy Power, our skilled and experienced electricians have the tools and knowledge to protect your home from power surges. And with the holiday season coming up, with all its plugged-in lights, baking and cooking, and new electronic toys to play with, there’s no better time to protect your home.

Contact Eddy Power for more information or to book an appointment.

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